Hi, and welcome to my blog. My name is Nick Gunn and I'm a software developer with about 15 years experience, largely in the financial markets in some capacity or other. Currently, I'm working in the equity markets area, mostly on server-side execution systems. This blog will be largely technical but probably not too domain-specific.

From a technical perspective, I come from a largely C++ wintel background, but have always had (until relatively recently) at least a toe in the Unix world. I've been involved in some Java/Oracle projects in the past but seem to be largely concentrating on .NET nowadays. I don't have any particular axe to grind technology-wise, but, because of where my attention is focused these days, the topics posted here will have a largely wintel/.NET flavour. Within that, it'll probably focus on areas of server-side scalability and design, concurrency and parallelism. I know something of these areas, but don't claim to be an expert. I'll link to those people's blogs as appropriate...

Other things about me that are no more interesting:

  • I was born in Birmingham, England. I grew up in the village of Eccleshall in the county of Staffordshire.
  • I went to Manchester University. Note that 'went to' is a much weaker claim than 'studied at'. I stumbled out of the other end with a half-decent degree in Comp. Sci., which is of much more credit to the staff than it is to me.
  • I'm married with 4 kids. My family is amazing. 'Nuff said.
  • Nowadays I live in Sydney, Australia. It's a beautiful city in a beautiful country. A drop of rain would be nice though.
  • I support Liverpool football club (and Sydney F.C. of course).
  • I used to be a big rugby union nut too, and played a bit as well. Have become a bit of a rugby league convert since moving to Sydney.